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No matter how many thousands of wedding photos I’ve taken across the world, one of my absolute favorite ceremonies to photograph are Duke Chapel Weddings. Located in the center of the historic Duke University Campus, the iconic chapel spire raises far above the tree-line and can be seen from as far away as Raleigh & Chapel Hill.

The chapel cornerstone was laid in 1930 on the highest point of the campus. Multi-colored stone, quarried locally from the Duke, quarry wraps around the entire building. The gothic architecture of the chapel is the pinnacle of the surrounding campus. The main spire is immediately recognizable in photographs by people from North Carolina and across the country. The architecture alone truly makes this a photographers paradise.

I’ve photographed weddings at Duke Chapel since 2007 and worked with many, many couples over that time. Every visit I still find new places, lighting & angles. I am very fortunate to partner with Duke Music and the Duke Divinity schools to capture many of their in-house events. I also work with the Raleigh Diocese and other organizations for their event & varying service held at the chapel.

duke chapel weddings
The view from the narthex showing the ornate organ pipes as bride processes into her duke chapel wedding ceremony

Outside the Chapel

The chapel grounds are immaculate and feature stone walkways which surround the building. The recognizable multi-color granite adorn both the walls and sidewalks, creating an awe-inspiring visual. In the Spring, there is a multitude of flowering plants which adds a spark of color. Duke University Chapel weddings enjoy not only the chapel itself, but the surrounding grounds as well.

Duke Chapel Wedding
The outside of Duke Chapel provides many beautiful areas for photography This is on the divinity school side with the chapel in the background

Inside the chapel

While the outside view is breathtaking, once inside, you will be amazed with the attention to detail and the sheer size. As a wedding photographer you dream of a having such a beautiful a place like this venue in your backyard. The inside is laden with hand carved wood finishings, gothic pillars, and even lead gold accents around their historic stained glass windows. Wedding photos during the service inside the chapel must adhere to a strict set of guidelines. As I am a preferred vendor here, we are very familiar with the protocols and can assist in helping you navigate them.

inside the duke chapel
The alter and wing area during a duke chapel wedding
the organ and stained glass windows at duke chapel
A view of the organ pipes and stained glass windows in the back of Duke Chapel

Reserving A Duke Chapel Wedding

If you are planning on having a wedding ceremony here, there are a few considerations:

  • Your Duke Chapel wedding may only be booked booked one year out.
  • The chapel has a first come first serve process to select your wedding day and it’s not unusual to see tents underneath the trees.
  • Camping out for your wedding date is a Duke tradition. It is allowable for the Bride or Groom to leave the tent but must be present at certain times. For this reason, friends and family can’t help wedding couples.
  • There are multiple hotel choices within a short distance away.
  • Each couple receives a dedicated wedding coordinator.
  • The Chapel welcomes almost any type of religious service.

My Duke Chapel Photography featured in the following areas:

  • In the official Chapel Calendar
  • The Chapel website
  • Various prints across the campus. 
memorial hall inside duke chapel
The memorial hall located to the left of the alter inside duke chapel
duke chapel spiral staircase with stained glass window
One of the less visible areas inside Duke chapel are the spiral staircase with stained glass windows

You can view all of our Duke Chapel Weddings here.

All of these experiences has given me a true appreciation for the beauty, construction and history present at Duke Chapel Weddings. No matter if it’s during the day or evening or your wedding is small or large, Duke chapel wedding are a perfect elegant backdrop for your guests! If you’d like to hear more about our wedding photography, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!

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