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Our family portraits reflect not only the dynamic relationships of all of your family members but each person’s unique personality. As a family portrait photographer in Raleigh, NC, we capture unique and personable family photographs mostly on-location. 

Our family portraits strive to capture both a relaxed & natural yet poised visual of not just all your family members, but each person individually as well with a wide variety of posed and journalistic captures. We understand and want to capture a lovely family photo with everyone looking at the camera, smiling and posed well. We also understand that while this photo shows what we look like, it does not capture “who we are” accurately. Each of our Raleigh family portrait sessions we conduct are in 2 phases:

  • Staged, posed and well composed traditional family portraits
  • Journalistic portraits that show how we are, how we interact and the relationships we have with each other and things we love to do.

Capturing both candid and posed family portraits truly shows not only what we look like but who we “are” at that time in our life. If you’d like to hear more, please reach out to our Raleigh family portrait photographers by clicking here.




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