Stockroom Weddings | Raleigh, NC

Located in the heart of downtown Raleigh, the Stockroom is the finest example of reclaimed urban space  in the area. Located on Fayetteville st, Stockroom Weddings capture the energy of being downtown and the privacy of a private event space. The venue features hardwood floors, whitewashed brick, a HUGE chalkboard, exposed ceiling joists and market lights.  The Stockroom will directly appear to those you enjoy the reclaimed urban vibe.

As soon as you walk off the sidewalk outside, you are greeted by the wood floored hallway and elevator. Once upstairs, you turn the corner and met with a clean and open hallway leading directly to the main room. Walking down the steps to the main floor, you realize exactly how large of a space this is. Each client has the ability to bring in their own vendors to create a truly unique look for their wedding. Stockroom weddings truly capture the urban wedding vibe and will delight your guests with it’s accessibility, convenience & texture.

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