His work is just stunning!

After doing tons of research, pouring over portfolios, and interviewing a number of perspective photographers, we made the (smart) decision to go with Brian. His work is just stunning! I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of his photographs, and the fact that he could deliver amazing results in both natural and low light. I was not impressed with the number of photographers I came across with trendy, hipster, washed-out photos. Brian’s work was refreshing–his photos were classic, and strong, something I knew I could look at and still love in 50 years. Working with him was a blast. They make you laugh and feel comfortable. Brian knows how to pose your body so that you look your best. When we were reviewing our photos, several times I had to ask him if he had retouched them to make me look thinner, and he hadn’t. Our photos were such a hit that my brother-in-law and his amateur photographer fiancé (now wife) hired Brian for their wedding too. We cannot recommend Brian enough! We are captivated by our photos.

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