I can’t say enough to fully capture just how good…

My husband and I worked with Brian for our wedding on 3/8/2015, and we honestly couldn’t be happier! When I first met with Brian, we clicked instantly and even went on a 30 minute tangent about an engineering problem (since I’m an engineer at Duke and he was an electrical engineer before he switched to photography!)! :) Brian took our engagement pictures in July of 2014, and he helped us to relax and be natural/cute/romantic without worrying about him taking pictures of us! The pictures turned out beautifully, and we had several on display at the reception! Brian made the planning process easy for us, which we definitely appreciated! On the wedding day, Brian and Jenn Aan were organized and made sure to get the pictures on our wish list! We had a lot of fun working with them! It made us feel really reassured to know that Brian and Jenn had worked at Duke Chapel before and so they could make sure to get plenty of pictures in the limited time we were allowed at the Chapel! They also were there to get pictures of the fun and dancing at the reception, and they did a great job getting pictures of everyone having a blast! I honestly cannot wait to see the pictures once they’re ready! Brian posted one picture of us as a preview on FaceBook, and it was so beautiful! I don’t think you can tell, but Jenn was holding my veil to get the “blowing in the wind” look! She also helped us feel less awkward since in some pictures we were kissing with her like right there haha (thanks Jenn!) I also really appreciated Jenn and Brian’s attention to detail! Brian must have gotten some cool pictures of the dress in the Chapel parlor with, and Jenn helped a lot to keep the guys’ jackets from rising up their arms! And both Brian and Jenn are so nice; I was not worried at all about if they would do a good job or get the pics I wanted because I knew they would if I asked! Brian’s familiarity with the Chapel also helped us make sure we were in the right place at the right time! I also remember during the engagement picture session that Brian knew a lot about optics and cameras. He was explaining how the light intensity and angle etc. all worked together to affect the lighting in the picture, and he also explained how to best position the camera, us, etc. to get the best lighting! (I may have enjoyed it more because I’m an engineer and working with medical imaging and therefore optics!) Overall, I can’t say enough to fully capture just how good of a photographer and person that Brian is, and I am so excited to see the wedding pictures when they’re ready! :) Thanks so much Brian and Jenn!!!

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