I cant thank them enough, but i will try – SO THANK YOU…

My husband and I met Brian a year before our wedding, which we were planning from around 400 miles away. After having to reschedule our first meeting (i was a bit under the weather on the way back from a different wedding down south;-), we finally got to sit down and chat with Brian and see what amazing work he did first hand. I’d seen his photo’s online, and really liked his work, the artistic images that also captured the people and the FUN. That was the thing that struck me about Brian, all his photos were active, you could see the party through his eyes and see what a good time the people were having. I knew that was the kind of view i wanted of my wedding, and also knew that he could fit in with our rowdy friends!!

Brian was easy to contact through the phone and email after we had signed the contract, and we continued to stay in touch and plan from afar. Brian did SUCH an AMAZING job the whole day, from running between the two rooms to get pictures of both groups getting ready, to making sure we had water, bustling my dress, and trying to teach me the wobble. Everything they did made the day what it was all the while capturing special moments that i will cherish forever. I cant thank them enough, but i will try – SO THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, and I hope to see you when i’m in the area again!!!!!

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