Five Google Stars are NO MATCH for the quality…

One Brian Mullins, famed photographer of the Raleigh Triangle area, has done it again! With skill and sheer mastery of both setting and sensuality involved in weddings and other romantic environs he has deftly captured perfect moments–again and again and again. Our wedding will never be the same! So you want a mental picture of how good this man is at his craft?! Five Google Stars are NO MATCH for the quality of Mullins’ creations.

If you could taste a picture–nay, a masterpiece–then kings would line up for each decadent concoction! Opening your closet to find fourteen singing-dancing monkeys would be less rare than finding a bad photograph by said artisan. In short, deciding to INVITE Mullins to shoot your event is exactly the same as deciding whether to live at a six star hotel or spend the night in a cardboard box with the hobos under an I-40 overpass: there is no choice. You just hire Brian and hope the hobos who didn’t make the same choice don’t resent you for it.

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