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His experience as a Raleigh wedding photographer

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What sets Brian apart from any other Raleigh wedding photographer is his eye for composition and his ability to manipulate light to create beautiful and unique images in a fast-paced wedding environment. Technical proficiency with still photography came naturally to him. His ability to make art from unique light sources comes from his years of training in cinematography followed by several years working with concert lighting. He’s used this hard earned skillset to produce amazing wedding photos and launch a commercial photography company. 

Brian began his photography in 2005 at Cary Magazine, quickly rising from shooting assignments to the Chief of Photography position. Although he has been successful in many aspects of photography, he particularly enjoys the challenges of being a wedding photographer. The pressure of having limited time to work in sometimes adverse conditions gets his creative juices flowing. Brian thrives on challenge—for example, he is thrilled when he walks into a venue with terrible lighting conditions because he knows he will produce unique, visually stunning images that have people asking “how did you do that”?

The combination of his innate talent, unique background, and experience that comes from photographing hundreds of weddings allows him to offer his wedding clients a portfolio of once in a lifetime timeless images. His brides appreciate he is able to use his talent and skill to make their wedding photos of their dreams—even when their wedding day arrives and they find that the florist or caterer did not create the look they were hoping for.

His life as a wedding photographer…

If you’ve heard his name before, it may because he is the hardest working photographer in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill & North Carolina. On the weekends, he is shooting weddings, engagementsbridal portraits in the Triangle and destinations around the country. During the week, he is working commercial photography clients, shooting for Midtown Magazine & Cary Living, writing articles for Resource Magazine, SLR Lounge, teaching photography classes, mentoring new photographers, and consulting for organizations like WRAL News.

He’s been in several news sources, including Buzzfeed & Petapixel regarding the danger of wedding sparklers. Yes, that was his wedding and that was him. Brian was interviewed by SLR lounge about his life as a Raleigh wedding photographer.


Brian has received multiple photography awards for both the quality of his photos and the overall level of service he provides for his clients. In 2014, he was voted the best local photographer by the Indy Week readers in Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill, he also won the 2012 the Triangle Chapter of NACE Photographer of the Year, numerous Wedisson awards, a coveted SLR Lounge Apex award and was voted as the # 52 wedding photographer in the world by the Wedding Photographer Society.


Throughout his career he has multiple requests from clients and other amateur photographers, Brian began formally teaching photography classes in 2011. He’s since expanded his educational lineup from teaching basic photography lessons to include advanced photography techniques and on & off camera lighting.

He co-founded the Triangle-based Wedding Photographic Society (WPS) in 2008 with chapters throughout the state of NC. The WPS mentors new photographers, provides continuing education opportunities for members and affords local wedding photographers the opportunity to network and support each other. Brian keeps his own skills sharp by regularly attending internationally renowned photography conventions where he learns from the best and brightest wedding photographers in the industry.

His personal life…

Brian has two amazing children, Hudson & Holland and live in Holly Springs, NC. His kids have lived their entire life in NC but Brian takes them on roads trips as often as possible. From a tour up & down the east coast while shooting for Amazon to a trip to Disney World, he tries to show his kids what a big world we live in. When Brian isn’t working he is passionate about scuba diving (he is a master scuba diver trainer) and spends as much time under water as he can (so if he doesn’t answer your phone call he may be slightly unavailable). A sure way to get a hold of him is to reach out here.


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