Wedding Photography Albums

Your wedding photographs are one of the few things you have after your wedding is over. We take great pride in our wedding photography albums and go to great lengths to use only the highest quality materials, bookbinders and handcrafted workmanship. Every step of the way we work to create an heirloom piece you will pass from generation to generation.

We offer two types of wedding photography albums for you. Both types share the same meticulous design process of us creating the initial design. Then we work with you to fine-tune the final product based on your feedback.

  • Our primary wedding album is a leather-wrapped custom book painstakingly assembled by a master bookbinder. Each book has professional grade photographic paper, a thin white substrate to give the pages strength and is hand wrapped in the leather of your choice. With over 50 choices of authentic leather colors & styles, finding a book that fits your style is easy! Most of my clients use there are their primary wedding or bar/bat mitzvah albums.
  • Our “photo book” is a machine bound & fabric wrapped album. Each book is printed on photographic paper and the photographic page are adhered to each other, giving a modern yet elegant appearance. With over 100 fabric choices in both solid colors and patterns, you can match your book to your tastes easily. We use these books often for weddings, parent books, engagement sessions, high school seniors, Bridal sessions, family portraits & all other “smaller” types of sessions.

Each of our wedding photography albums come with the following:

  • Once your wedding is complete, we will pick the photos that we feel best represent your day and design your album for you. We know everyone is wanting to spend time with you, so no need for you to spend hours picking out photos.
  • When our custom design is complete you are sent a link to our online proofing software. Form here you can review the design, make notes, request changes, or ask questions.
  • Each album design comes with 2 rounds of changes.
  • All album proofing and changes are done using our online system. No need to come into the studio (although we’d love to see you). Your changes are saved online in case you need multiple passes before submitting.
  • The final design receives additional editing to insure your album looks amazing!
  • There are so many different options albums we can’t list them all here. Our most popular additions are:
    • photo covers for the book
    • accent stripes
    • album boxes
    • tie ribbons

Please see the below gallery for an assortment of wedding photography albums delivered to our clients. If you have questions regarding your album, please reach out to us!

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