Bridal Portraits in Raleigh, NC

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you probably know I photograph quite a few Bridal Portraits in Raleigh NC.  I really love the diversity we have in this area when it comes to the look at feel of bridal portraits and the fact you can go from urban & hip to natural and traditional in 5 minutes.  My latest shoot was not for a paying client but as part of a photography group that I help run.  We held a photography competition that gave each wedding photographer 10 minutes with a bride in a gorgeous hotel, the RTP Marriott.  The idea behind the competition was, on many occasions, a wedding photographer must work under pressure to get beautiful and iconic photography in a non-controlled environment.  The hotel was gracious enough to let us have 4 photographers working in the hotel all trying to get great bridal potraits.

As I was helping run the competition, I could not enter but I really wanted to photograph anyway as the facility is gorgeous.  I also wanted to play with using different lighting techniques that, if they didn’t turn out as hoped, would not disappoint a wedding client so these are certainly a little different then other Bridal portraits in Raleigh, NC that I photograph.  The end results were, in my opinion, beautiful!  Using somewhat of an unorthodox lighting method, I ended up creating a very dramatic, timeless and alluring bridal portrait.  It should be noted that while my model, Kim, is not a bride, she also had no modeling experience so was just as nervous in front of the camera as anyone else would  be.  She really rocked the shoot and I really love the end results.

I’d like to give a big thank you to  the RTP Marriott staff for letting us use their hotel, our models and makeup artists, the Wedding Photographic Society for helping hold the event (there are 5 of us who help run it) and our lovely “clients” who donated their time and put on wedding dresses for us.  On to a few photos that I hope you really love!

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