Wedding Photographers

Based out of our Apex, NC photography studio, Brian Mullins Photography has several experienced wedding photographers allowing us to handle multiple weddings, feature in-house “secondary” photographers as well as back each other up in case of an accident, emergency or other unforeseeable situations.

As wedding photographers, we understand you’ve likely spent months or years planning your wedding day down to every detail. We truly understand the amount of hard work you’ve put into planning, particularly the wedding photographer (why else are you here?). As such, placing your trust into a photographer to capture these memories not only for you, but for generations to come is one of the most important decisions you make for your wedding.

Below are our amazing primary wedding photographers. Each photographer has their own vision, style and personality that you can see in their work. Click on each Raleigh photographers photo to learn more about them and see some of their marquee imagery.

Brian Mullins | Raleigh Wedding Photographer
Brian Mullins | Wedding Photographer
Rebecca | Wedding Photographer in Raleigh
Rebecca | Associate Photographer

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