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Searching for Professional Wedding Photographers are one of the many challenges faced by newly engaged couples. There are many needs wedding photographers serve for their clients. The first of which, obviously, is providing a physical recording for the couple and generations to come of their wedding day, family and friends.  Wedding photographers also look beyond the primary goal and take strives to show the way in which we lived our lives – in 100 years from now, these photos will be how we are remembered by generations of family yet to come.

Another is the simply taking wedding photos while the wedding is being celebrated by the couple, their family and friends.  Wedding photographers are often with you the entire day and we are there to capture the iconic moments (the wedding kiss, the formals, the first time the groom sees the bride) as well as the unguarded moments during your wedding – the last look a father gives his daughter before they walk down the aisle, the emotion of the first dance, your  parents proudly beaming at your walk down the aisle.  Lastly, we are an impartial observer whose job it is to make you look great on your wedding day and provide not only coverage, but artistic storytelling of all the events of your wedding day.

Pro wedding photographers are most often competent professionals but what makes the process more complicated is, usually, this is the first time a couple will ever hire photography services and many don’t know what to expect or what is “normal”.  To further confuse the process, there are many of us in the field who you may have a hard time differentiating between when you first start your search.

If you are currently looking for a wedding photographer, it is important that you know your options well enough prior to choosing and hiring one for your most special of days. When looking for someone to be responsible for capturing the moments of your big day, you will usually find yourself drawn to certain style or “feel” but, behind that style, the wedding photographer is the one person who you will spend the entire day with.

When looking for wedding photographers, I can give you some great advice that will hopefully make the process much easier and give you confidence to know what will suit you and your style the best.  Wedding photographers costs, products, styles and deliverables are almost always different so it can be confusing when trying to compare.  The photography will, generally, all be what you are envisioning for your wedding day.  That leaves personality…  this is the most often overlooked element but yet it is, in my opinion, the most important one.  A photographer who makes beautiful photographs from your wedding can do so by building a relationship with his clients.  It is imperative you and your wedding photographer get along well, have the same vision and can trust each other.  Without that trust, wedding photographers have a difficult time delivering personally impactful photography.  In the end, that is what you really want from your wedding so when talking with your photographer, trust your instincts and really make sure, above all else, you and your wedding photographer “click” at a personal level.  If that isn’t there, the photography won;t be what you want and price becomes unimportant.

Cost is, of course, a big factor when looking at wedding photographers.  However, grieving over its price will immediately vanish once you see the end product of a professional’s handiwork.  In twenty years from now, the initial cost of hiring a professional will have likely faded from memory but you will have exquisitely crafted photos remaining.

Quality wedding photos are almost always guaranteed by hiring the services of specialized practitioners. Experienced photographers spend years honing their craft and are extremely knowledgeable of lighting, posing, directing and technique that make you and your spouse look your best.

Take into account you may or may not have the optimal lighting or location for beautiful photos.  The specialist’s job is to deliver stunning photography no matter the conditions they are faced with.  In fact, many of the most stunning and unique photographs taken are those in less than perfect conditions.

Another element you should always investigate when hiring a photographer is the tools and insurance it requires to safely operate in a wedding environment.  Equipment malfunctions and accidents happen and you can’t just put a wedding on hold.  Professional wedding photographers always have multiple backups of equipment to insure a failure will not impact your wedding day photography.

Professional wedding photographers also carry insurance is there to insure that something either within or outside of their control will minimize their ability to deliver beautiful photography.  Being covered in the event of a catastrophe, although no one wants to think of that, is the mark of a true professional.

Most pro photographers carry 3 types of insurance for their gear, general liability and a “failsafe” should something happen to your images after the wedding day.  Wedding are truly a unique event so great care must be taken with every frame to insure their safety, artistry and delivery.

As a whole, professional wedding photographers are truly what you need to look for if you intend to make your day immortalized as a well-planned event through the wonderful photos captured by your photographer.

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