What are we doing during the lockdown?

I have an amazing amount of people who read this blog or get it via the mailing list. I hope everyone who receives this is safe & healthy. If you need anything at all, I have an amazing network of friends, colleagues and acquaintances around the globe. EMAIL ME if you have a need. We will make it thru this together.

Luckily, I never ever spam my blog with useless stuff or bombard you thrice daily with inane posts about meaningless topics. However, it does allow me to share what I’ve been up to lately, even if its just someone else’s wedding photos. With the new reality we all find ourselves in with COVID-19 sheltering us in place (if you aren’t already, it’s coming), I found the time to finally work on a few things that have been taking a backseat to the photography business. Therefore I’d love to share with you and hopefully help me spread the word.

I’ve finally finished my project that has been 3 years in the making. Honest Branding Co. is my branding, marketing & content creation company. We work with small & medium size companies to either create or refine their branding. As a commercial photographer, I have gotten a wealth of experience with creating these concepts on the fly for companies who had, well, no idea what their brand was. If you are reading this and have the same question (what’s a brand?), need custom content for your website/blog/website/mailers, etc or general marketing assistance, please visit the website and reach out to me.

The 2nd thing I’ve done is update my photography education website. In addition to updating the website itself, I’ve schedule a few new classes, offering a NEW class as well as one-on-one mentoring. Given our current scenario most classes will wait for the all clear; however, I can do one-on-one mentoring over zoom, facetime or even the phone.

If you didn’t catch the launch of my commercial website, you really missed out (ok, not really). If you didn’t know though, about 50% of what I photograph is commercial in nature (architecture, food, corporate head shots and events). You can see more of my work here: Raleigh Commercial Photography

Lastly, but not least – we are doing well. I shoot with Midtown Magazine for various assignments and we are still going out and photographing for the magazine. Each assignment is thoroughly vetted for safety by both the magazine AND the photographer. If at any point we feel unsafe, we are given total authority to not proceed. Honestly, it’s a moral quandary on going out on these shoots but, at the same time, without photographers, journalists & media in general, how would we really know whats happening?

I’ve had many friends, clients and small business owners ask how we are doing. We’re doing – as well as can be expected when we lose 25% of our yearly income, in the matter of weeks. We will make it through. For those curious as to what you can do… share our name, share our photos, share what we do! That goes not only for us but every small business you’ve ever had a good experience with.

Thanks for bearing with me. Here’s some of what I’ve been photographing recently, just to give you a break from my ramblings. lol. Stay safe & healthy!

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