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One of my 2010 goals was to focus more on portrait photography this as I feel it makes me a much more rounded photographer.  I do a lot of on-location  type portraits but with my goal of expanding my artistic vision this year, I took the time to shoot a studio portrait of my wife using a few different photography techniques specific to working in a photo studio.  Doing  portrait work is a different discipline I must say I really enjoy as I can really take the time to get perfect results and with the advent of digital photography, it makes that process so much easier.

My wife, Ginger, was gracious enough to sit for a  portrait at our home. Now, mind you, it was 11:30 at night when we started shooting so my first few shots didn’t have that enthusiasm I was looking for. Still, she was a real trooper and we got a few great portraits from the session. I have been really looking forward to playing with it this season and, after you look at the below results, I think you can see why. Both shots were taken in our living room, not my Raleigh Wedding Photography studio and the results show why technique and practice can really make a difference in portrait photography.  I think this is a great way to see you don’t always need to come into a studio to get great portraits.

I love black & white photography because of the simplicity it lends to portraits.  When you remove the color and distractions from a photograph, you tend to focus on the subject in front of you and their personality.  I’d like to thank my wife again for bearing with me late at night while I experimented with her.


Raleigh Portrait Photography

Ginger Mullins Portrait

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