Rock Barn Wedding | Statesville, NC

Something I really love about being a wedding photographer is getting to visit places ordinarily you would never see.  This week I traveled to Statesville, NC to photograph Kristin & Todd’s Rock Barn Wedding.  Having never been here before, I was really looking forward to both the trip and photographing a new place.  While Statesville isn’t considered a destination wedding location, the same principles apply – get there early, take a look around and bring backups of your backups.  Having photographed Kristin twice before in her bridal portrait and engagement sessions, it was great to see her & Todd again for the wedding.

Having never shot a Rock Barn Wedding, I really had no idea what to expect.  So I started my day really early and went with my wife, Ginger Mullins, to do the bride and bridesmaids wedding day makeup.  When we pulled into the “neighborhood”, it hit me that the Rock Barn Golf & Spa really was a destination and all of the outlying areas (condos & homes) were vacation property and available to rent.  Kristin did exactly that getting a beautiful 4 bedroom condo for her and her bridesmaids to sleep in and prepare for her wedding.  As Ginger worked on the makeup, Lynette (from Douglas Carroll Salon in Raleigh) worked on the hair.  I, being the helpful wedding photographer that I am, didn’t get in the way.  Of course, I shot a few photos of everyone getting their hair & makeup done but as we had 4½ until we had to leave, I tried to spare everyone the obnoxiousness of a camera constantly going off.  Little did I know I’d have plenty of chances to get more makeup shots soon.  :)

As we got to the church and everyone started getting ready I ran into Shawn Schindler, a very talented wedding planner in Raleigh making sure all the details were in place and helping the bride & groom with whatever they needed.  These moments before the wedding really are my favorites as the emotions are really showing and so many months of planning come to fruition.  As Kristin opened a card from Todd, the tears started flowing and well, it was just a great moment.  During the ceremony, I could see huge smiles on both of their faces even from the church balcony.  I’ve had a great run of awesome kisses and this was no exception!  I think I counted 3 of them and a hug for good measure.  After the church formals, we headed over to their parents house to get a shot of them with their longtime friend, a beautiful boxer named Dallas.  Unfortunately their dog has cancer so this was a very important photo for them.

At the Rock Barn, the couple was introduced to 150 of their friends and family and shared a beautiful first dance.  After a great dinner, we headed outside to get some portrait work with just the two of them under the most glorious storm clouds I have seen this year.  To say I am happy with the results is an understatement…  back inside to the parents dances where the father of the bride had a nice surprise – slipping in Bubba teeth during their dance.  If you aren’t familiar with Bubba teeth, please see the photo below.  This pretty much summed up the entire day.  So much emotion, laughter, joy & tears.  What a great wedding and they happy couple left to a sparkler send off back to their condo.

Kristin & Todd, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your wedding.  I truly enjoyed getting to know you and your entire family & friends.  I hope you enjoy the photos below!

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Rock barn wedding reception

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sparkler send off

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